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Coach Hire Birmingham to Brighton

Coach Hire Birmingham to Brighton

Almost three hours southeast of our lovely city of Birmingham lies the seaside beauty of Brighton, where its reputation as an excellent resort has led many to make it a day-trip experience. But at such a long drive south, it can be too much for some in terms of comfort and cost, where large groups would be stuffed into too many cars, and taxi cabs way too expensive for the whole day. Having to factor in picking everyone up can cause even more delays and lead to frustration and disappointment by the time you are on the road. So, avoid this hassle and plan your day trip well in advanced so you never suffer from this, and using a reliable transportation service can greatly benefit you as well.

With Coach Hire Birmingham, our day trips and long excursions around the United Kingdom are always a breeze. We carefully organising and lay out the plans for your trip so you are on the road as little time as possible and can enjoy Brighton's scenery for yourself. Dodge the traffic and parking issues by having our professional team, who for years have worked in this industry, get you where you want to go. We as a company are striving continuously to ensure your trip is never delayed or ruined by any minor or major details, and we work closely with you each step of the way. Enjoy your time in Brighton instead of worrying about how you will get around, we are taking care of all that for you!

Our coach fleet is highly diverse and the full spectrum of seating sizes ranging from the compact luxury of a 20 seater to the economical spaciousness of our 53 and 57 seaters. If you need more space, we can coordinate Each one of these coaches is road certified and guaranteed to take you anywhere from across the country to just down the street to that latest venue. Hand-picked from the best manufacturers in the world, our coaches come to us fully UK approved and thoroughly inspected by our professional staff and on site technicians, all of whom do quality control and make sure everything needed is present to keep you comfortable.

Your safety is our most important priority while you are on the road, especially when travelling so far away. We take great strides to improve your safety so that you can rest easy during your entire trip with features such as GPS tracking and navigation, three point seatbelts for all seats, and more to keep all passengers secure. Our drivers at Coach Hire Birmingham are all highly trained professionals, with many years of experience on the road and travelling to all sorts of locations and in different conditions. They are people of character, carefully vetted and interviewed for quality and safety, and will do whatever they can not to let you down. Whenever you need anything, simply let us or your driver know and they will work tirelessly to make it happen so that you can focus on enjoying Brighton.

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