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Coach Hire Birmingham

Birmingham brims with life and commerce, making it an excellent place for travellers of all stripes to visit at least once in their lives. When visiting anywhere new or even familiar, it is always prudent to thoroughly plan when it comes to your transportation and any accommodations you may have in mind, especially in such a busy city. Coach Hire Birmingham understands that Birmingham or travelling, especially with groups, can quickly become overwhelming to handle and will require reliable transportation to assist you in getting everyone safely around.

Our Birmingham coach hiring services are the ideal solution for group travellers, and are fully qualified to provide passengers with all the comfort they need on the road at a fraction of the competition's prices. The commitment we have serving you has led us to becoming a company people turn to time and time again for their travel needs, whether for weddings or functions for students at University of Birmingham.

Travel By Coach

As a leader in personalised coach hiring, the team here at Coach Hire Birmingham has created the ultimate environment for convenient planning of travel needs whether you are looking for help with a private or business trip. In the city, just for the day and need a quick reliable shuttle to and from the Birmingham airport? Perhaps you have been planning a trip with a large group for weeks and need to make sure everyone gets picked up on time and has enough room? We have just the coach in our fleet for you.

Years of experience has helped us understand that for many planning such trips can be a very trying task, and the large or more complex your trip, the more difficult it can to make sure everything goes accordingly to plan. That is why our specially trained staff are ready to assist you by organising and finding the best ways and places to go and get you around. Everything from accommodations to coach hiring can be handled by us, and we strive to always deliver the best experience with affordable, quality transportation.

Our Coach Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles has been carefully built up for the years to always include the most modern and efficiently built coaches available. Each one has been picked to fill a certain need and can accommodate all our customer preferences and group sizes. The coaches range in sizes starting at the smaller 20 seaters up to the largest of the group at 53 and 57 seats, with numerous other seating sizes in between.

Looking to have more people than our largest 57 seater? We are fully qualified to coordinate numerous coaches to ensure no one misses out on the fun all while keeping everyone organised. Coach Hire Birmingham has the commitment to fully serving you and is always ready to do whatever you need to keep your trip going smoothly.

The drivers here at Coach Hire Birmingham are people of true quality and class, backed by years of expertise on the road and fully vetted by national and local agencies. Routine training and checks are also done to keep them brushed up on their skills and ensure they are still fully qualified to get our customers around. Many of these drivers are actual locals of Birmingham and can provide a wealth of information in this city and all its attractions.

So, if you are in the mood for some suggestions on where to go next, or how to get the most out of an area, feel free to ask your driver! They love their city and genuinely care about assisting their clients to the best of their ability. When you ride with Coach Hire Birmingham, you are riding with a team of top professionals that go the extra mile in all things to ensure you enjoy your trip.

Minibus Hire

Birmingham city is a proud place boasting countless attractions and reasons to visit, and with so much to do and see, you are going to want the best in the business to handle your transportation needs. Reliable, comfortable, and professionally designed, we offer a personalised service experience so that you can get around wherever you need, at the right time, and with everything you could need. Travelling does not always have to be overwhelming or stressful. The team here with Coach Hire Birmingham excels in in delivering a customised travel package to you, with everything you and your group could need both on board and while on the road. We do all of this with our high-quality guarantee and at the cheapest prices in Birmingham.

Comprehensive Minibus Service

Our services are not just limited to our luxurious minibuses or great travel escorting, but we also are capable of helping you with any type of accommodations. Everything from booking your hotel or place to stay, to flights and even for finding what is go to see and do around here is possible with us. We provide this to our customers as we understand that travelling comes with so many moving parts that it is easy to become overwhelmed. As the leading experts in this industry, we strive to continuously serve happy clients and improve our way of assisting you. If you are looking for reliable, safe transport for your trips around Birmingham, all with professional staff ready to get to work scheduling and planning everything for you. Just sit back and relax as your stresses are all lifted away from you thanks to our consistent, caring service.

Minibuses For All Needs

With a carefully crafted fleet, we are fully equipped to provide you with a plethora of options in terms of seating sizes, amenities, and feature packages all to ensure that our customers can find the right vehicle for them. Everything from compact yet roomy 8-seaters to our spaciously designed 18-seaters can be had with the best features on the market and at the lowest rates around! Each one comes with high quality designs and appliances, and are carefully inspected and maintained before and after so that you do not experience a single hitch or interruption in your time aboard.

All our minibuses come from reputable manufacturers, with full qualifications to be used as transportation for groups and long distance travels. They all arrive in excellent condition to us and we maintain them faithfully so they can stay that way. On board, you will find a wealth of features and appliances to cater to keeping you comfortable while on the road. Find on board amenities such as plush reclining seats, privacy tinting, sun roofs, and so much more. These upgrades are available to you with the lowest prices around, and we do not let our quality of service drop in the slightest. No matter what your budget or what vehicle you are hoping to find, our professional staff is committed to providing you with a high standard of conduct that will ensure you walk away with the perfect minibus match.

We understand that travel schedules can get hectic, and suddenly change without you being aware, so we do our utmost to work around what you need and to provide you with the best accommodations. Have a last minute pickup of someone unexpected? Or perhaps you need a quick lift to the airport? Just get in touch with us and our staff will immediately get to work dispatching a driver and vehicle straight to you. Anything you need from planning your trip to assisting with finding accommodations can all be handled by the folks at Coach Hire Birmingham.

Our Services In Birmingham

Transportation that is both comfortable and reliable is crucial to making sure your trip is successful and enjoyable. Planning your trip far in advanced can ensure there is more time to make any necessary or additional adjustments to your travel itinerary. Places as busy as Birmingham can be very exciting to experience, but can quickly add up in cost and confusion if you arrive unprepared. Everything from your important once in a lifetime celebrations that simply cannot go wrong to those routine trips that you need to ensure always happen can be planned for by the team here at Coach Hire Birmingham. We are proud to offer all our customers our impressive fleet of coaches, minibuses, and more with our famous customer service guarantee. No matter if you want your own vehicle to drive yourself, or wish to rely on any of our top notch professional drivers, we will work hard to provide the best experience possible during your time with us.

Fully Equipped Vehicles

The manufacturers we have obtained each minibus and coach in our impressive fleet from are the best in the business. All our vehicles are equipped with modern comforts that you would need on the road, and are all carefully inspected before we place our valued customers on board. These inspections are performed both before and after they are used for travel by our professional team of onsite technicians so that you know you are getting a vehicle that is carefully maintained and is fully up to date. All this quality control is done to make sure that no mechanical or minor error occurs while you are on the road and delays your trip. We are committed to providing on the very best to our customers, and will work tirelessly to make sure this stays this way.

Accomodating Small To Large Groups

All the minibuses and coaches in our fleet are customised to accommodate you and your fellow passengers with exactly the right amount of space and room you need for your trip. Groups ranging in all sizes, from just one person to fifty can find the best match for them. Our minibus range of sizes starts at the petite 8-seaters all the way to 18-seaters, while our coaches range from 20-seaters to the impressive 57-seaters! Hoping to have even more people that the largest of our coaches? Never fear – we are always more than happy to provide you with coordinated vehicles to ensure no one is ever left behind from a trip to Birmingham. All our vehicles are available at any budget range, with our commitment to finding the best option for you and your group to get you anywhere you need. Luxury and affordability, you do not have to choose between them when you ride with Coach Hire Birmingham!

Just like our impressive fleet, all our amenities are available in numerous ranges, sizes, and features. We have implemented only the finest amenities to keep you safe and comfortable during your entire time on the road. Some of these features that are included on each vehicle are safety items such as GPS navigation and tracking to ensure quality control and your security, powerful and personal air conditioning vents, LCD televisions, high backed relying seats and overhead storage. This is not even an all-inclusive list, as we have plenty more to offer and can make sure your vehicle is customised exactly to what you need.

Wanting to have a bit more privacy while you are travelling on board one of our vehicles? We can make that happen as well, by letting you take the wheel and be your own driver. This self driving service perfect for those needing discretion whether for business or for family excursions, and requires just a little bit of information before we send you on your way!

Licensed Minibus Drivers

If you are wanting to take one of our highly qualified drivers instead, that is perfectly acceptable as well. Each of our drivers are the best in the business and are more than happy to assist you in getting you around Birmingham. Our coach hiring service hires only the most qualified of drivers to keep you safe and on the road, with each one undergoing numerous background checks and vetting procedures to ensure they are the right people for the job. You will never have to worry about not knowing where you are, our drivers are locals of Birmingham and know all the best routes and places to visit. Ask for a suggestion for your next dinner, or a place to wind down for the evening, they are an excellent, professional resource.

All our coach and minibus hiring services are available to you and your next big trip to Birmingham. Whether you are here for a day or a week, needing to get to another city or around town, we can make it happen, the way you want it to be and at a price you love!

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