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17 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

Birmingham for all its wondrous beauty can be a difficult place to visit if you are not familiar with how the city works and where everything is. Driving yourselves around especially if this is your first visit to a UK city can even be downright dangerous if you do not know how to travel around a city by yourself. But what are your alternatives? Public transportation is usually busy and unreliable since it only operates at certain times leaving you to base your entire trip schedule around it, and taxi cabs can become expensive very quickly. Not to mention trying to use either of these ways to travel is downright impossible if you have a large group going with you. To safely travel through Birmingham without a delay or compromise in your trip plans, a coach hiring service is the best way to do so.

Coach Hire Birmingham is always up to the task of providing our customers with exactly the right vehicle and accommodations to suit their travel itinerary as they explore our city of Birmingham for themselves. Worry not about missing the last train home or racking up high taxi cab fees when you are trying to get around the city, instead take the advice of our expert staff and allow us to map out your dream trip and the best ways to get to each part of it.

The 17 and 18 seater vehicles in our fleet have been very popular for a reason, as they provide an extra amount of much needed space and seating for those groups who find our smaller minibuses to be just too small, and our larger coaches to be way more room than is needed for them. These two minibuses are fully designed to assist in keeping you traveling smoothly to each of your destinations, allowing you and your group to stretch out, lean back, and just relax while our professional driver gets you where you need to be.

As the perfect sized vehicles for small group celebrations, sports teams, and even family gatherings, our 17 and 18 seaters will provide you with total quality amenities to give you all the comfort of home while on the road. Our 17 seaters fill the unique gap of allowing those odd groups of passengers to enjoy the benefits of travelling without worrying about being crammed into a small van or a hot bus. If you are needing just a little bit more space, than the 18 seater is an excellent step up to provide some additional seating or even storage for you and your group. Vehicles to high quality and class, they are outfitted with every possible amenity you could need such as PA systems, panoramic windows, reclining seating, and even on board washrooms. All of this is provided to give you the ultimate travel experience with Coach Hire Birmingham. We do not compromise on quality and offerings, so why should you have to, especially when it is your trip?

All our vehicles are rated for safety as well. Routinely inspected by leading expert technicians, they are carefully maintained to keep them in fully working condition to ensure not a single delay occurs during your travels. On top of our vehicles being carefully well-kept, our drivers are the peak of professionalism with plenty of experience behind them. Before being brought on board by us, they are carefully interviewed and vetted by all major UK authorities to ensure they can competently escort our passengers around in safety. We also equipped every vehicle with GPS navigation systems to allow for real time status reports on your trip and quality control.

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