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12 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham And 14 Seat Minibus Hire

12 Seater Minibus Hire Birmingham And 14 Seat Minibus Hire

Coach Hire Birmingham has been a leader in providing a high-quality minibus and escorting service to all our customers for many years in the great city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Our transportation services are available for countless types of events and celebrations on top of our travel itinerary services. We excel in delivering quality service and provide our transportation all year round and day or night. With Coach Hire Birmingham, you will be able to schedule and enjoy yourself all at the cheapest prices around and with no sacrifice in quality!

Our 12 seater minibuses have been handpicked by our team from only the best minibus and coach manufactures in the world, and each one is designed exactly to accommodate travellers and their group as they make their way to and from any of their chosen places. We do not have any old or malfunctioning vehicles in our fleet, instead we keep our inventory up to date by rotating out as needed so that you are not driven around in a worn-out vehicle. During your trip only experience the finest amenities and top of the line service from our professional staff. Have more people than the 12 seaters but desire the same style and size? We are always happy to accommodate you, and will assist in coordinating multiple minibuses to escort everyone as they see fit.

For an extra bump in seating and size, look to our 14 seater minibuses. These are certainly vehicles of high class, and durably built to handle anywhere you wish to take it through Birmingham and the countryside. Modern, sleek, and well-maintained, these minibuses are always carefully maintained so that they stay in top operating form for the trip you and your group have been looking forward to. We offer numerous amenity packages in all our vehicles, and the 14-seater minibus is no different. Enjoy the extra space and storage our 14 seaters provide as you lean back ion the plush comfort of a reclining chair.

There are numerous other accommodations we provide as well to you and your group such as hospitality services and arrangement. We can assist you in tracking down and booking your dream place to stay, along with flight booking, event planning, and even scheduling the stops of your trip. Guided tours with our minibuses are available should you be hoping to experience the historical beauty of Birmingham from the comfort and safety of one of our air-conditioned vehicles. Instead of handling all the planning and coordinating yourself, which can lead to stress and delays, why not turn to the work of our professional staff here at Coach Hire Birmingham? We not only work with getting you the best deals on our excellent minibus hiring services, but on any travel accommodations you may need while in Birmingham.

Security is always at the top of our list while we serve you, and our vehicles have been carefully outfitted and designed to reflect this. GPS tracking and navigation, three way seatbelts, PA systems and more are all there reface to assist in keeping you safe and sound while you travel. Each driver we employ is also intensively scrutinised and vetted by all relevant UK legal systems and checks, along with being required to undergo routine training and inspections to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. So, worry not about you and your loved ones, you are in caring, capable hands. You can tour Birmingham's numerous historical sights, take a walk through its many markets, or just spend time relaxing knowing that Coach Hire Birmingham has everything taken care of for you.

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