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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

While travelling through Birmingham, especially if you have a large group with you, organising every aspect of your travel's is important to ensuring nothing delays or ruins the trip. From a delay in a passenger's arrival or a miscommunication in where and when to meet can put a serious hindrance on everyone's enjoyment of the trip. Planning is an excellent way to ensuring that you have located reliable transportation that is relevant to what you and your group want to do. Having an experienced transport company assisting you, especially if you are new to the area of Birmingham can make your time here much more enjoyable. Coaches have been an alternative to taxi cabs and public transportation for years, all while providing quality service and affordable rates. Unlike public transport and taxi cabs, you can always count on your coach to provide you with whatever you and your large group may need.

Coach Hire Birmingham is a leader in the coach hiring industry here in Birmingham, having served this region for many years with pride and stellar customer reviews. Our reputation for serving our customers with everything we can muster allows us time and again to meet all your expectations. We strive to improve how we serve you and are always eager to listen to any requests or suggestions you may have for you. If you need anything from us feel free to let any of our professional staff and we will make it happen.

The 49 and 50 seaters in our extensive fleet are truly vehicles of class. Proving over and over to be some of our most popular sized coaches especially for large groups looking for a way of travelling all together. Spaciously designed and obtained directly from the most trusted of manufacturers around the world, these are well made and built to last. Each one is fully equipped to handle you and your large group, all your luggage while delivering a smooth ride all throughout your time in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. With our coaches, you will be able to relax and feel as though you are in the lap of luxury.

Our 49-seater will provide your large group with the exact amount of space you need, all at a price you cannot find elsewhere. Packed with countless modern appliances and features that have been picked with your comfort in mind to keep everyone on board refreshed. These larger vehicles are spacious yet easy to navigate around, allowing for people to lean back and relax or get up and bond with their fellow passengers. Ruggedly built with and qualified for both long and short trips, you will find everything you need from on board, immaculate washrooms, LCD televisions, overhead luggage storage, and more. These have been selected so that you can relax while you travel, not dread it.

As a size, up, our 50 seater coaches boast even more room with just as much quality interior. The perfect coach for large wedding parties, corporate events, and other celebrations, you will find them to be the perfect balance in quality and price. Everything from CD/DVD players, stereo and radio entertainment systems, electrical outlets, and so much more are offered to give you all the modern comforts you need to stay charged and connected on the road. Coach Hire Birmingham and its team has only your security and satisfaction as our priority. We work tirelessly to maintain our fleet and excellent rates so that you can focus on making the most of your trip to Birmingham and its beautiful countryside. Contact us at any time to begin planning the travel experience you always wanted.

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