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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

When you have a large group that needs to get around Birmingham, planning can be a journey in and of itself. From coordinating, everyone's arrivals and where to go, not to mention parking, it can be almost impossible to make the trip enjoyable. While public transportation and taxi cabs can remove the hassle of taking your own vehicle, they quickly add up and are not always available when you need them. Also, if you want everyone to get where they need to be, public transport and taxi cabs will certainly not be able to fit everyone. So how do you get the most out of your trip with everyone, at an affordable price?

Look no further than the team here at Coach Hire Birmingham for your travel needs; large or small groups, long distance trips or short, we are ready for it all and will make it a reality for you. We carefully coordinate alongside you what you and your group what to do, where you want to go, and how you want to get there, along with any special considerations you may have and then hunt through our diverse fleet of vehicles for the best match. For that large group of yours that cannot possible bear to be separated during this exciting trip of yours, our 57-seater is a popular choice all around, and for very good reason.

The 57 seater coaches we have in our fleet come to us in mint condition with the stamp of approval from our trusted manufacturers. The open space of our vehicles' cabins will provide plenty of moving space for everyone on board, while our boot and overhead storage free up even more room for everyone to stretch out and relax. As a large, spacious vehicle no one must endure a single moment cramped or stuffed into their seats. Relax and luxuriate in the quality interior of your own personal coach that allows you all the time available to lean back and unwind with your fellow passengers.

Do not let the size of these coaches fool you; each one is built from the same excellent quality as our smaller coaches, and all are packed with a plethora of high quality amenities like the ones you have come to expect from us. Features abound such as high-backed, plush reclining seats, personalised air-conditioning and climate control for each seat, and numerous technological additions such as power outlets, reading lights, and stereo systems. These are available should you request them, so please let our staff know if you are hoping to have any of these on board so we can best accommodate you. Hoping for a bit of room to refresh? We even have coaches that come equipped with immaculately kept washroom facilities so that you stay comfortable and your trip stays undelayed. With these features committed to keeping you at ease, you can travel through Birmingham without a hitch and enjoy your time with your large group.

We understand that safety is very important when traveling with so many people; you never want to run the risk of anything happening, so plan accordingly and research your choices before making them when it comes to your travel destinations. With Coach Hire Birmingham, we carefully vet and check all our drivers to ensure they live lives of character and are fully trained professionals capable of handling a fully loaded coach. As the pinnacle of professionalism our drivers are fully committed to keeping you safe and relaxed during your trip. Should you have any requests or are looking for suggestions for you and your group, let your driver know – they are always happy to help!

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